Brian St. Peter, pervert and child molester ran and doxed by @l.ipdowned.l and @unknown.anonymous.33

Name: Brian St. Peter
Age: 20
Location: Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Graduated Taylor Middle High School
Instagram: @stpeterbrian

Family members:
Father: Barry St. Peter
Location: Pittsfield Massachusetts
Works at Starbase Technologies
Graduated Southwick High School 1978
Moved from Westfield, Massachusetts on 9/20

Mother: Misty Dawn Slack-St Peter
From Sheffield, Pennsylvania
Current Location: Pittsfield Massachusetts
Works at Financial Institution

Reason: Sexually assaulted a 14 y/o girl and denies it. Proof was shown and he left the chat and blocked me lmao
Pedophile doxed by @l.ipdowned.l and @unknown.anonymous.33