Niklas Becker
known for having funny nicknames;, Shadow_, Shadow R. I. P. Lil Peep (didnt u say hes for suicidal retards?), YoshiLetsGame
known for being a retarded pedo, smoking weed and posting pictures of (((wiktornator's))) (((face))) around the internet
person from frankfurt, germany that tries making people mad by hacking in video games, mostly source engine ones. a fake friend and a total nobody that subbotted his channel to make himself feel nice for the first time
in his life. admitted to palmerr that he has punched a wall out of anger since hes mad over his 24/7 drunk dad. huge forehead. mad after losing hvh (plays that unironically) and getting his admin permissions removed
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little known about him, he's got cringe nicknames:
Foxy the pirate fox (ger), ༺Galaxy༻, [B&GSI] - Depressed., Hamza - Don't wanna talk :(), F4nny *hanging myself soon*, and then finally [NSS] Mainxd
lives in frankfurt germany as well (shadow's fiance)
tries to make people mad in mostly source games (sounds like what shadow does)
muslim that lives in germany now, as we all can tell he was afraid of getting shot by a goatfucker that he is himself so he ran away instead of fighting for his country. is very insecure about being a muslim
and he will say that he's not one (go fucking sperg it out everywhere now retard nobody will care)
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reminder to harass these people wherever you see them
signing out, polak

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