Basically, this guy is a huge cunt and a scammer. Scroll down if you don't want to read the backstory.
His cheat names: / / / namelessReborn /
Bobby (aka "owner") - Scammer / Paster [Current Discord: owner#9439]
UC -
TPI - The Perfect Injector, an open source injector released on UC that abuses Copy on Write and windows address sanitization (and Capcom driver)
MaxV - EPvP Scammer
Pingu - Guy who sold a cheat source on EPvP to many members
AceWare (aka "Skengdo")- Okay dude, also has his fair share of bad stuff but this isn't about him.
AlexB - Guy who also sold his cheat source to many people
rWhize (aka "MiniZ") - Absolute scammer and liar, had a cheat for a bit but ended up exit scamming
Kedira - A guy who pasted a spoofer from UC and sold it
DrvMap - An open source driver loader on UC that uses the vulnerable Capcom driver
Face Injector - An open source injector released on UC that exploits Gigabyte's vulnerable driver
He started his pasting career in 2017 by selling some C# ESP for PUBG that he stole and edited.
It was being sold by many people as it was very easy to decompile (it had no obfuscation as far as I know).
After the cheat got detected or whatever, he paid some guy to make him a PUBG cheat with the money he has earned, but the guy ended up scamming him.
Later down the road, in May 2018 there was this scammer that went by the name of "MaxV". He was selling a pasted R6S cheat (TPI + a cheat source he bought from Pingu).
Pingu sold his cheat source to many people, and it was also leaked on UC. I had known Bobby for about half a year at the time and he persuaded me into buying MaxV's cheat by telling me MaxV is legit.
This cost me around $200. Yea, I was naive and it was a stupid mistake but a good lesson.
Bobby ended up getting Pingu's source (I'm pretty sure he bought it from Pingu) and ended up selling it with TPI as "Shaytan".
This cheat lasted surprisingly long, around 5 months with no detections as far as I know until TPI got patched.
He made fine money from the cheat, himself around $8000 and his main Admin / Seller around $4000.
I also paid him $300 for a cheat (I was supposed to get a loader and a panel), but the cheat was detected and I never got my money back.
AceWare, however, got the same deal for $75 (and a cut of the sales), but his cheat was actually undetected.
When I found out about AceWare, I immediately confronted Bobby about it.
Bobby tried to convince me AceWare paid the same amount as I did, but I found out the truth from AceWare.
He bought a cheat source from AlexB for around $900 as far as I know, but AlexB also liked his money so he ended up selling the source to many others and the source got leaked.
AlexB accused Bobby of leaking the source so he leaked it on UC. Unfortunate for Bobby and others who bought it.
Bobby rebranded to UbiWare around the time when TPI got patched. His cheat was down for a while since he wasn't able to paste or buy an undetected driver for the bypass.
He found rWhize to work with, but they had a conflict and rWhize leaked his cheat source. rWhize ended up starting his own cheat, but it didn't last long and he exit scam.
Somewhere there, Bobby rebranded to "namelessReborn", I'm pretty sure it was while he was working with rWhize, but it didn't last long and he switched back to "UbiWare" shortly after.
Bobby not doing well at the time. His driver kept getting detected because he had bad security and was using IOCTL.
It was a pretty funny situation.
Bobby was unable to make or paste an undetected driver loader (mapper) so someone gave him Kedira's spoofer cracked so he proceeded to add the spoofer to his cheat.
The peak of this is that he also HEX edited Kedira's DrvMap and used it to load his driver.
Being the retard he is, he didn't have the mental capacity to look at comments on UC and figure out what he needed to clear to make DrvMap undetected (all public info).
Moving on, he told me he was going to exit and rebrand as "". At the time, he planned not to let anyone know about this.
I specifically remember him telling me that he is going to be an undercover cheat developer and have admins that sell for him like PSSA does.
When came to life, it was an Apex Legends cheat. You may think this isn't that bad, but he was actually using Face Injector.
Starting to notice a trend? He never really does things himself. All he does it paste and use other people's stuff.
Now that people started complaining about detections, he is external again with a shared memory driver that uses WinAPI to create the shared memory (bad choice).
He also went "invite only" because he couldn't fight detections.
Now lets get to what you came here for!
Full name: Bobby Raymond O'Brien
Address: 1300 SW 113th St, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
School: Westmoore High School - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Instagram: thebobbyobrien
Snapchat: b.obbert
Girlfriend's name: Brooke
Previous dox by Sherman:
House -
Driver License -