642 indian springs circut manchester tenesse (from oregon)
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 250 lbs
Name: Payton Reed
Mental state: Suicidal (for attention)
His pathetic suicide note (yes he tried to kill him self ill provide proof later. he tired to hang him self with a belt but the roof couldn't hold his giant body so he collapsed to the floor) 
THE SUICIDE NOTE //// PROOF ITS HIM > https://anonfile.com/Ldh7P68cn3/unknown_png //// FULL NOTE > https://anonfile.com/Z9h2P48en9/unknown_png //// MORE GAY SHIT OF PAYTON //// 
https://mega.nz/#!7yIBHQbZ!jI81_EkRs5t471x4u4nwRaA7_NNnD9hiM-4KH4-iYEg //// Payton grew up with his drug addict father who has now imprisoned him self only to stay away from Payton. Who could blame him. He now lives with 
his abusive aunt. 
Instagram: terry_the_spider
psn: pwsno
proof he somehow failed trying to die //// https://anonfile.com/r6k8P78bnd/JPEG_20191014_180406_1_jpg //// https://anonfile.com/w0k7P289n5/JPEG_20191014_180558_1_jpg