Takeda Brooks (Instagram Usernames: @anon_hacker_301, @brookstakeda, @23takedabrooks) made by: l.ipdowned.l


Name: Takeda Brooks

Age: 14

Moms name: Retta Brooks

Dad's name: Steve Brooks

Sister's name: Tameka Brooks

Country: USA 

State: Idaho

City: Boise 

Address: 3173 W. Ustick Road

Postal code: 83704

Claims to have our info but can't prove anything. Has lied to us many times and manipulates people. Calls himself a hacker, but
doesn't know anything and has his "contacts" try to obtain our info. Persistent indeed, failed to give up despite us having his
info. Skid doxed by @http.zygote, @l.trojanhunted.l and @l.ipdowned.l