Reason for Dox:
 -For Shit Talking, Hitting our OVH's Without Permission and says he clapped it, And then when we logged his attacks he said that was
 -illegal to log attacks and Grab IP's, No it isn't and we filed a Report and now he's saying he doesn't DDoS smh sad.

 -Discord: Tribute#9614
 -Instagram: @biologicly

IP Info:
 -Host name:

Personal Info:
 -Name: Elmer Dawn Curts
 -Hair: Brown (Permanent)
 -Eyes: Brown
 -Age: 15
 -Lives with Mom and Grandma
 -School: Fairdale High School (10th Grade)
 -June 17th 2004 Birthday
 -Phone: +1 (502) 744 2286
 -Grandma's name: Jae Curts
 -Louisville, KY 40216
 -United States

 -Picture Of Elmer:
 -Picture Of House:

Home And Address's:
 -Main Address: 4028 Burrell Dr (main Address)
 -527 Fergusson Fife Avenue, Fairdale, KY 40118
 -6388 san Harco circle Buena park, CA 90620 (Billing Address) 
 -2239 GLENDALOCH RD Ann Arbor, MI 48014