Name: Sneha Mehta
Moms name Ruchi Mehta
Dads name: Sanjeev Mehta
Address:41337 Wilton Dr.
Leesburg, Virginia. United States
Phone number:703-505-6850
Moms number:703-771-1490
Dads number:703-209-7224
School: J.L Simpson Middle School
Reason for dox:
Teacher-student relationships,
Sexually harassing both 
women and men
Yes, I have gathered information from
a friend that I know who dislikes her.
I discovered many things through blackmail
and how she’s a slut, hopefully you give 
her what she deserves.
Karma is the best thing to happen to 

My name is Rru if you would like to
know, if you have information with 
someone you don’t like let me know and 
I’ll do the best I can