Dox done by Trojansinister

Discord name grassman#5142
Reason for dox  harassment being a pedo he admired to fucking his cousin hes a peice of shit so d
Fucking his shit up cause tired of warning him to get the hint 

He is a skid who threatens ppl to ddos am over petty shut

But call backup from other experience hackers
Time for a wake up call

Name:Robert Worthley Aka Bobby Worthley
Address: 195 Mary Ford Rd Sunbright TN 37872-2033

His family:  Moms name  is Rebecca Worthley
 age 77

2 other relatives are  
Edward Worthley 
age 75
Young Worthley 
age unknown
Most recent phone number 423-628-6600

This is a link to a pic of him

Hope this makes u kill urself being exposed

For what a loser like urself turned into 

Enjoy everyone