Christian Evernham Dox (instagrams: @project_real_fire_xxex_leader, @christianevernham, @cool_kid2357777, @the_real_worldx)
Made by @l.darknet.l

Name: Christian Evernham
Age: 11
City: Kissimmee
State: Florida
Country: USA
Latitude: 28.1984
Longitude: -81.487
Facebook 1:
Facebook 2:

Reason: Tells people to kill themselves and talks shit behind everyone's back. Doesn't have the balls to talk shit to the
person's face. Runs a cringe fire group, now has no members because I ran them all. Called my team fake, lost everyone, and
we completely destroyed his life. Thinks the world revolves around him and expects no consequences for his actions. Indeed
the world's largest skid and loser. Proved autism many times. Ran by @l.darknet.l